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So What's This All About You Ask? Great Question!

Our website is designed specifically to link you, the internet shopper, to merchants on the internet who we believe will provide you with the highest quality of overall value for your hard earned dollar within their respective industries.

We are either customers of these merchants or have researched these merchants at great length to assure you as best as we can that your overall experience will be one that you are happy with.

We are an affiliate of these merchants; this means that every time you link from our site to theirs and make a purchase, we are paid a commission. This is why you see so many advertisements all over the Internet on most everyone's website. It generates income for them.

This is why we take our site very seriously. Putting a merchant link on one's website is the same as saying, "We believe in them and what they do or what they sell". Our integrity is at risk every time you make a purchase. Even though we aren't the actual merchants, we directed you to go there. In our minds there is no difference.

That is the foundation our affiliate business is built on and it will not change. If you ever have an experience with any one of our merchants which conflicts with what you now know we believe in, please contact us via our feedback form to let us know what happened.

Please remember, if you find our merchants of value to you, please come here and use the links we have provided to make your purchases from them. In doing so, you help provide for our family.

Thank You for reading and for visiting our website.

Ray & Joell


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