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ZoneAlarm Pro now $39.95

PC World
World Class Award 2004

Celebrating its 22nd year, the World Class Awards honor the best in computers, hardware, software and the Internet. To choose the best that the world of technology has to offer, PC World tapped not only the expertise of their own editors and PC World Test Center analysts, but also the knowledge of a team of outside experts--industry analysts, reviewers, and leaders at specialty sites. For the third year in a row, ZoneAlarm Pro Continues to set the standard in the firewall category, blocking most incoming and outgoing e-mail viruses, manages cookies, and stops pop-up ads.

I've used ZoneAlarm since it was born a number of years ago. I started out like most people using the freeware version, watched as the software went through it's normal evolution of upgrades and enhancements and finally bought the ZoneAlarm Pro version.

All the Zone Labs products have received so much praise and recognition lately that it really reinforces the fact that I made and excellent decision for buying the product.

The neatest thing about ZoneAlarm is that you can still download the free version which has always done an excellent job of preventing hackers out of my PC. It's just lacking some key capabilities which really are necessary to complete your security package.

I was caught with my "Shields Down" so to speak a few years ago, I got hacked and one of my hard drives was rendered useless. It only takes once to "motivate" a person to acquire a high quality firewall security program.

Zone Labs has several product offerings now, the best of which is their security suite which combines all of their award-winning products into one. THIS IS AWESOME!

Download ZoneAlarm Security Suite, Save $10

Save $10


ZoneAlarm Security Suite


Zone Labs has always done it right as far as I'm concerned, and for THAT, their products are All great ideas.


Thank You for using our links and supporting of family! We appreciate it!


Download ZoneAlarm Security Suite



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